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Dry cell hydrogen generator kits for up to 3 litre engine displacement

Dry cell hydrogen generator kits for up to 3 litre engine displacement
Dry cell hydrogen generator kits for up to 3 litre engine displacement
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How Does HHO Work?

I get asked this question a lot. And yet, this is the most important point to understand if you want to make your car more fuel efficient using this technology. The underlying physics and chemistry of this subject can be very complicated. But fortunately the basic concepts are very few and extremely simple.


Many people think that we are generating HHO so we can burn it, and that burning this HHO adds so much power, that we get better fuel mileage. In actual fact, this is not the case. To prove this point, lets this a step further. There are 3 energy conversions at work here:

  • Mechanical to electrical (the alternator makes electrical energy)
  • Electrical to chemical (the cell makes HHO from electrical energy)
  • Chemical to mechanical (the HHO burns in the engine to make mechanical energy)

The problem is that there are 3 energy conversions occurring here, and each one loses some energy. It is a basic fundamental of physics that in any conversion of energy from one form to another, there is going to be some loss. There is no such thing as 100% efficiency. In some of these conversions there is quite a bit of loss. So if this is all there was to the picture, then the system would actually lose mileage. I've seen this mistaken idea expressed in magazines and on television news coverage to prove that hho doesn't work.

Well, if we aren't trying to burn the HHO to get our fuel economy, then how does it work? In actual fact, HHO, when added to the air/fuel mixture going into the engine, causes that petroleum fuel to burn more completely and thereby releasing more of the energy of the fuel that would otherwise be wasted. The way this is done is by speeding up the burning process in the cylinder. Scientists say that it considerably increases the flame speed of the petroleum mixture. And it is this fact that sums up the primary way that HHO improves fuel mileage.

When the flame speed of the fuel mixture is increased, more of the fuel is burned during the power stroke. Less fuel is being burned after the power stroke, which is the the exhaust stroke, and which actually works against the turning of the engine. Further, less unburned fuel is being expelled from the engine as waste and pollutants. A relatively small amount of HHO will have a dramatic impact on the amount of power a given amount of gasoline will produce. This will then increase fuel mileage dramatically, and cut out a large fraction of the amount of harmful emissions the engine produces. Click on the image to the right to see a video of a 5 gas analyzer both before and after using a hydrogen assist system.


There is a remarkable simplicity to this technology. If you add HHO to your engine, you will get an increase in combustion efficiency. That is just science, and it works as certainly as turning on a light switch. In some cases with modern cars and pickup trucks, we need to make some adjustments to the computer so it will allow these savings to take place. But with most commercial large engine systems, such as truck engines, gensets, marine engines, etc, no other handling is needed to get these remarkable fuel savings. 

Hydrogen Assist Kit for Small Engines

Dry Cell Kit For Engines Up To 3.0 Liters

Important Note: This kit only works on 12 volt vehicles. 24 Volt vehicles require this system: Hydrogen Assist Kit for Medium Engines.

We have designed this kit so you will receive all the parts needed to have a successful HHO system installation. You do not have to figure out which components you need for your car or truck. You can purchase this kit and have a fully functioning system that will improve mileage and reduce exhaust emissions.

Each of our systems comes with a PWM and LCD controller and display. These systems are used to properly control the entire system, and also will show the driver what is going on with the cell and system at any time. For more information on what a PWM is and how it works, please see What is a PWM?

1.    Dry Cell HHO Generator (7 plates).

2.    Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM). Our PWM comes with a remote display unit that you can mount in the passenger compartment that will show you your amp draw, pulse frequency, and duty cycle (the percentage of the time that the voltage is high vs the time the voltage is low during each pulse).

3.    Electronic Fuel-Injection Enhancer (EFIE) ** See Note below.

4.    Electrolyte reservoir with cap and fittings.

5.    Dryer (Removes water & electrolyte from the HHO).

6.    10' of heavy-duty 1/4" hose.

7.    24' of 12 gauge wire (red and black)

8.    PWM Installation Kit: Includes all of the crimp on electrical connectors and screws, etc that you need to mount and connect your PWM to your vehicle electrical system and to your cell, as well as mount and connect your Display/Controller.

9.    System installation kit: Includes all the connectors, screws, drain valve, etc that you need to complete a full installation of your system

Please Note: We provide you with the correct EFIE (see EFIE Described) based on the make/model/year/engine of your vehicle. Please provide this information in the shipping instructions when you are making your purchase, during the check out process.

Also Note: We provide a pound of electrolyte with your kit, but only if you select UPS Ground shipping for your order, and are a U.S. customer. This is required by shipping regulations. For more info on Electroyte and where to get it, see the article: Electrolyte. 

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